Modeling and AnimationEdit

3d Modeling and Animation Edit

  • Blender (GPL) - modeling, animation, rendering, and game engine!
  • Wings 3D - subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai
  • Anim8or - modeling, animation, rendering
  • Freyja - modeling and animation program by Mongoose
  • Pretty Poly - 3D modeler also used for converting file formats
  • K3D - K3D modeling program
  • gSculpt - procedural subdivision modeller

World/Map Editing Edit

Special-purpose 3D Programs Edit

Rendering Edit

Textures and ImagesEdit

Raster Graphics (painting with pixels)Edit

  • The GIMP: Feature rich image editing suite
  • Krita: The KDE image editing suite

Vector graphics (drawing with shapes)Edit

Procedural texture editorsEdit

  • FxGen: Procedural texture editor & library

Sounds and MusicEdit

Game engines Edit

Free Software (Open Source) game engines and graphics engines.

OGRE 3D Edit

  • OGRE 3D LGPL 3D engine
  • Ogre WiKi - Official Ogre 3D Wiki
  • Yake - Game engine based on OGRE3D
  • OGE - Open Game Engine (based on OGRE3D)

Crystal Space Edit

Irrlicht Edit

  • Irrlicht 3D engine distributed under OSI approved zlib/libpng license
  • IrrLicht Wiki - Official Irrlicht Wiki
  • irrKlang - Sound engine for Irrlicht
  • irrEdit - World editor for Irrlicht

GPL id Tech (Quake) engines Edit

Aardappel's engines Edit

Other 3D engines Edit

  • NeoEngine fully featured Open Source 3D game engine (dual license, GPL or commercial)
  • Horde 3d (LGPL)
  • Sylphis3D - fully featured GPL 3d game engine
  • Spring - Total Annihilation like RTS engine & game
  • Glest - GPL RTS engine & game
  • Thunder&Lightning - GPL flight simulator engine & game

2D Engines Edit

  • FIFE - Flexible isometric fallout like engine
  • Stratagus - Real time strategy engine

Game LibrariesEdit

Free Software (Open Source) libraries to use in your free games.

Physics LibrariesEdit

  • Bullet - ZLIB 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library
  • ODE - BSD rigid body dynamics engine
  • Flatland - BSD 2D physics engine

Network LibrariesEdit

  • OpenTNL - GPLed Network engine from the Torque engine
  • RakNet - GPL high performance network engine
  • HawkNL - LGPL low level network engine
  • RaptorNL - Successor to the HawkNL networking library

Procedural content creationEdit

  • FxGen - Procedural texture generation tool & library
  • ngPlant - Procedural plant generation tool & library
  • OpenTree - Procedural plant generation library
  • Munty engine - GPL neural networks procedural animation library

Various Open Source LibrariesEdit

  • Cal3D is a skeletal based 3D character animation library (LGPL)
  • COLLADA - 3D Model exchange format
  • Audiere - LGPL high-level audio API
  • HawkVoice - LGPL multiplayer voice over network API
  • FEAR - GPL artificial intelligence for games
  • OpenSteer - MIT Steering Behaviors for Autonomous Characters
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