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The Slipgate Complex
Author: John Romero
File name: e1m1
Game engine quake 1
Creation date:
Liberation date: 11 October 2006 link
Last revision date:
License: GPL any version
Exits to: Castle of the Damned (e1m2)
Entrance from: Introduction (start)

(most of this page is taken from http://wiki.quakesrc.org/index.php/e1m1, under GNU FDL)

The Slipgate Complex is the first level of Quake. It is filled only with Grunts and Rottweilers, making it very easy. It has 10 monsters in easy, 23 in normal, and 42 in hard; and 6 secrets.


  1. In the first room, jump up into the computer techie looking thing on the right and shoot the wall with two small red lights on it. You get a box of shells.
  2. After you go down the elevator, jump in the water and surface inside the cave to get a Mega-Health. (You could also get this secret later in the last room by facing the ?slipgate and shooting the wall to the right.)
  3. When you get inside the complex, go right and shoot the computer screen with the rotating globe on it (the computer is on the pillar). Go up the elevator and you'll see another computer screen with a globe on it on the wall. Shoot that to get a Quad Damage. (You could also get this secret later by shooting the brown techie looking wall at the top of the huge ramp in the slime room.)
  4. When you get to the room with a small slime pit, after you press the button to slide the floor over it, look to your left and there will be a small hole in the wall with a crosshair in it. Shoot that, then go back to get the Double-Barrelled Shotgun out of the door that just opened.
  5. About halfway down the huge ramp in the big slime room, you will see a block of wall jutting down from the ceiling. You may be able to see the Mega-Health in it, and if you're on Hard, there will be a Grunt in there as well. To get there, jump on the rail on the side of the ramp, then on top of the lamp. You should see small stairsteps sticking out the side of the wall you're trying to get to. Jump (be careful!) onto the stairsteps, then jump up each one to get to the Mega-Health.
  6. At the bottom of the huge ramp, there is a Biosuit hidden behind a dark pillar. Get it, jump into the slime and swim around the wall until you find an underwater (under-slime, really) hallway. Swim down here, then surface at the end, where there's a small hole in the top. You'll get the Yellow Armor and some health.


Don't forget to get the Nailgun! It shouldn't be too hard to find.

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