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The House of Chthon
Author: American McGee
File name: e1m7
Game engine quake 1
Creation date:
Liberation date: 11 October 2006 link
Last revision date:
License: GPL any version
Exits to: Ziggurat Vertigo (e1m8)
Entrance from: The Door to Chthon (e1m6)

(most of this page is taken from http://wiki.quakesrc.org/index.php/e1m1, under GNU FDL)

This is the level that holds Chthon, the first boss of Quake. He guards the ?Rune of Earth Magic. You will start in front of the ?Rune. Pick it up, and he will emerge from the lava, and immediately begin throwing lava balls at you. Quickly circle around the lava pit and there will be a Mega-Health waiting for you (unless you're on Hard or Nightmare difficulty). If you want to know how to kill him, check out his info page.


  • None


  • The two floorplates that are used to lower the lightning pillars are in a different place in Hard and Nightmare difficulties, making it harder to avoid getting hit as you press them.

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a map file is avaiable for this map e1m7

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