Jkm fembot
Author: Julius Krischan Makowka
Creation date: 2005
Last revision date:
Upload date: 7 November 2006
License: GPL 2 or later
Polycount: 1685 vertices, 4988 edges, 3288 faces
UV Mapping:
Number of skins: 1
Source: Free Game Arts, file

Jkm fembot preview


Description Edit

A robotic female playermodel

Further informations Edit

This model was originally build for UT2003, and is loosely based on the Robot in the Björk music-video "All is full of love".

Fully UV-mapped, partially textured.

No animations (was originally rigged with UT2003 rig and fits those proportions)

Construction Edit

  • Base: none
  • Editor: MilkShape 3d/Wings3d
  • Other progs: PaintShopPro/Gimp

Download Edit

A Wavefront obj file is available for this model
This file can be downloaded from

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