Jkm female 1
Author: Julius Krischan Makowka
Creation date: 2005
Last revision date:
Upload date: 8 November 2006
License: GPL 2 or later
Polycount: 570 vertices, 1692 edges, 1128 faces
UV Mapping:
Number of skins: 1
Source: Free Game Arts, link

Jkm female 1 preview


Description Edit

A futuristic female playermodel

Further informations Edit

This model was originally build for a Quake3Arena Mod, called Project2501 (never released). It is fully textured, but no animations. The mesh is seperated in three parts for Quake3Arena use. Never mind the wasted texturespace... It is old, unpolished stuff ;)

Construction Edit

  • Base: none
  • Editor: MilkShape 3d/Wings3d
  • Other progs: PaintShopPro

Download Edit

A Wavefront obj file is available for this model
This file can be downloaded from

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