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Author: John Romero
File name: start
Game engine quake 1
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Liberation date: 11 October 2006 link
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License: GPL any version
Exits to: The Slipgate Complex (e1m1)

The Installation (e2m1)
Termination Central (e3m1)
The Sewage System (e4m1)
Shub-Niggurath's Pit (end)

Entrance from:

START map wireframe


(most of this page is taken from http://wiki.quakesrc.org/index.php/e1m1, under GNU FDL)

This is the level you'll end up on when you start a new game in Single Player Quake. You may choose the difficulty level by walking down one of the three hallways, and then which episode to play (including Shub-Niggurath's Pit when you've beaten all four episodes). If you want to play in Nightmare difficulty, which is like Hard but with tougher bad guys, go into the water in the fourth episode hallway. Swim backwards until you're under the little overhanging floor, then drop to the wooden beam below. Follow it to find the ?portal to Nightmare difficulty. Also, if you shoot one of the skull & flames plaques on the wall, you will be given a hint of where to find the Well of Wishes secret. (See e2m3: The Crypt of Decay)

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