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Grism (Generic Random Space Marine)
Author: Chris Holden, Morphed (Skins)
Creation date: 5 December 2005
Last revision date: 21 August 2006
Upload date: 16 November 2006
License: GPL 2
Polycount: 776 vertices, 2286 edges, 1524 faces
UV Mapping:
Number of skins: 3
Source: OpenArena link

Grism morphed2 skin preview

morphed2 skin

Grism morphedg skin preview

morphedg skin

Grism morphedr skin preview

morphedr skin


  • Software: Maya, Photoshop
  • Dev Time: 3 hours
  • About: Standard, generic soldier character segmented and design to fit in Quake 3: Arena. Released as a software development kit (SDK) for anyone to texture or learn from.


This file can be downloaded from http://openarena.ws/svn/source/assets/models/grism/
A Blender file is available for this model