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Fence pipe
Author: Scott Hsu-Storaker,
Terrence M,
Tom Perkins,
Evan Tann,
Yaniv Pe'er,
Emily Huffman,
Clint Herron
Creation date:
Last revision date:
Upload date: 16 November 2006
License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
Polycount: 172 vertices, 338 edges, 165 faces
UV Mapping:
Number of skins: 1
Source: Low Poly Cooperative, link

Fence pipe preview

preview (the polycount is referred to a single pipe and chain, not double as in this picture)


The entire Gilman street pack can be downloaded from http://www.bowzizzer.com/gilman/source/gilman_r010.zip
A Blender file is available for this model
A Wavefront obj file is available for this model