Author: cow model originally provided by OpenFrag

modified by Damien McGinnes
textures by Damien McGinnes

Creation date:
Last revision date:
Upload date: 28 October 2006
License: GPL 2 or later
GFDL 1.1 or later
Polycount: 561 vertices, 1369 edges, 1020 faces
UV Mapping:
Number of skins: 3
Skeleton: yes
Animation: yes
Source: WorldForge link

Cow skin white 1 preview

white skin 1

Cow skin white 2 preview

white skin 2

Cow skin brown preview

brown skin

Informations Edit

This model uses the WorldForge quadruped v.2 texture template.

Download Edit

A Blender file is available for this model
A Cal3d file is available for this model

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